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The Chelatna Experience

As a family-run buisness led by 2nd generation Alaskans, we've spent decades exploring the region. With a fleet of boats and access to various aircraft, we offer more than the typical Denali "Park Road" experience.

Customized for all ages, Chelatna Lake Lodge hosts over a dozen adventure activites and assists in creating a personalized itinerary tailored to your interests. Choose from a range of local lodge favorites or venture even further with guided and non-guided options. 

Surrounding Area

Denali, spanning over six million acres, stands as a must-visit national park for people around the world. Beginning in a low-elevation forest, it ascends through the high alpine tundra, ultimately revealing North America’s tallest peak, the majestic 20,310 feet Denali. Wildlife freely roams, hanging glaciers cascade from mountainsides, and on a clear evening, the milky way galaxy lights up the sky like a christmas tree.

See It All

Chelatna Lake Lodge can only be accessed by aircraft, providing exclusive access to the least visited area of the park at its southern boundary. Explore Denali through our helicopter adventure hiking tours, or take a captivating flightseeing trip. Whether you are a family, photographer, or couple hoping to experience the essence of Alaska, our customizable programs ensure you have the chance to use our expertise or simply set your own pace. 

Backflip off of Float Plane
Denali National Park Summit
Chelatna Lake Tributary