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Amazing views hiking with Chelatna Lake Lodge

Hiking at Chelatna Lake Lodge

Our remote lodge, surrounded by pristine landscapes, provides a unique gateway for hiking in and around the park. It’s the perfect add on to many of our other activities including fishing, wildlife viewing, flightseeing, helicopter adventures and more. Trails around Chelatna Lake Lodge cater to all levels of hikers, from beginners to experts, offering a diverse range of options to explore the surrounding region.

Pappy’s Trail

Pappy’s Trail is a recently established trail crafted by our lodge staff in 2023. The round-trip hike spans approximately 2-3 miles, offering an ideal setting for berry picking and sightseeing. Whether you choose a guided or non-guided option, this leisurely stroll is of lower intensity, featuring plenty of moose sign, a fair likelihood of encountering a black bear, and numerous bird watching opportunities.

Kneecap Trail

Embark on one of our most sought-after activities–a private day hike into Denali National Park. Our experienced guides lead you along the trail, walking you through alpine meadows adorned with wildflowers. The path follows meandering stream beds with cascading waterfalls, as you ascend, you’ll eventually traverse a towering rock face. The round-trip hike spans approximately 7- 8 miles, offering an advanced route for hikers willing to put in a full day. 

The best part? You’ll have the entire route to yourself, as if you were the first to ever explore the territory. Among the highlights, is the unparalleled opportunity to see Denali from a high vantage point in the park. 

Shoreline Strolls

Wake up in the morning and go with one of our guides via boat over to coffee creek, snowslide creek, or both. It's a great opportunity to look for birds, animals and get away from the lodge for a leisurely beach hike. We also have the ability to take jet boat excursions downriver on Lake Creek. It's an opportunity get out and explore the tundra and stroll around the willows looking for moose. Both options are hybrid hikes and great for beginners and children. 

Guided Hikes

Our expert guides, possessing in-depth knowledge of the local geography, lead informative expeditions that delve into the natural history of the region. From identifying native plants to spotting wildlife in their natural habitat, these guided hikes offer an educational dimension to your outdoors experience.